WP 7 Management of the project


This work package comprises activities related to the project management. It will result in partnership terms and conditions being fully agreed upon, management procedures being fully established and teamwork culture being built.

The first activity in this work package, as well as the first project activity, is preparing and holding the project kick-off meeting, organized in order for the partners to get to know each other, establish management procedures and start off the first project activities. The partners must also to negotiate and sign the partnership agreement and define and agree upon the WaMPPP project symbols and values.

The management procedures that need to be established include using the online productivity tool Trello. This management platform will be installed and the users will be trained to use it if needed. The management teams and roles will be consolidated.

The work package also includes the complete management and coordination of project activities on a daily basis, as well as organizing cross-functional teams’ online meet-ups to review progress, obtain output, and coordinate shared work process.

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