WP 5 Dissemination and exploitation

This work package comprises activities related to the distribution of projects results. It will result in project results being disseminated.

The process of distribution of project results will include the establishment of centers for environmental protection and the continuation of delivery of training courses to industry partners and enterprises. The project results will be presented to students of secondary schools and prospective students through various direct-contact promotional activities. Also, the dissemination of project results will be done by utilizing all available Internet communication channels: web page, ICT Portal, social networks etc.).

This will enable raising awareness and maximizing exposure by reaching out to all relevant stakeholders and potential beneficiaries, as well as obtaining the widest possible audience. At the same time, publications and online recourses will ensure that the project results are distributed beyond the lifetime of the project. This work package also includes setting up and administering the project’s visual identity – including the project logo, online identity, and web page.

This work package also includes the training of the informal sector and deprived society groups.

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