WP 3 A novel ICT-based learning platform for practical education and training in the field of WM

The main objective of this work package is to facilitate the modernization and improvement of teaching methods and provide a pedagogical approach through the development of defined competencies and qualifications based on ICT technologies. The development of such an approach should, first of all, enable future students to gain a better understanding of the problem, its conception and solution based on the application of modern informational tools. The starting point for the determination of methodology will be the fact that it must enable the integration of all the equipment obtained via WP2 based on obtaining data on any process, the processing and monitoring of the data, alarming staff and responding accordingly in appropriate cases.

The goal is to create a centralized control system, based on real processes in the economy, which will be adapted to the needs of students, after which a defined methodological approach will start its realization. The existing network infrastructure in partner P1-P5 will be increased in accordance with needs. The developed system will provide real-time, multi-parametric control, calibration, openness of the system, and control over the whole process, as well as decision making procedures. Case studies related to processes of WM will be developed, which can be managed interactively by both students and trainers. This will enable obtaining real results, as well as “learning from mistakes“ with no danger to lab equipment, colleagues, or oneself.

Once this has been realized, the process of adjustment of developed instructional academic content from WP2 will begin with the implementation of the new environment applied in partners P11, P12 and P13, as well as other stakeholders from WP2, sub-activity 2.2.

The final activities within this package include the creation of a database with the ICT Web Portal. The steps in the implementation of the said databases are standard and include their initialization, the creation of web portals and mobile applications for their use, their testing in a real environment, the creation of required documentation, and the introduction of web portals into the system of exploitation. The ICT Portal should provide users with all the necessary information related to WM, legal acts and regulations, work instructions, educational video clips and management applications related to WM.

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