Alexander Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki – ATEITH

ATEITH is the second largest Technological Educational Institute of Greece. It comprises 5 schools and 23 Departments offering, in total, over 2000 course modules in Agricultural Technology, Business Administration and Economics, Food Technology and Nutrition, Medical Care etc. A great number of them supported by state of the art laboratory equipment and highly qualified personnel. The mission of ATEITH FD is to provide high level of education to its students in the field of Food Technology where biological, physical, chemical and engineering sciences are used to study the nature of foods, the causes which make them to spoil and the principles of their processing, preservation, storage and distribution.

ATEITH FD staff includes 15 professors and associate professors, 9 professors of applications, 12 scientists employed as technical personnel and 3 persons for administration. Research activities are focused on the development and study of specific processes used in food industry and including various divisions, such as the milk processing division, the olive processing and oil production division, the waste, water and wastewater treatment division.

The Department has two large labs which are used, for research and teaching: The Research Laboratory for the Physical and Chemical Testing of Foods and the Food Engineering and Processing Pilot Plant equipped by chemical analysis devices such as: AAS, ICP-MS, HPLC, GS-MS. Specific devices related to waste, water and wastewater treatment in DF, including biological reactors (activated sludge, MBR), anaerobic digestion units, sludge stabilization systems. In addition, ATEITH is equipped with devices for the analysis of the quality of water, wastewater and solid waste samples. Various research projects funded by national or EU resources and from private enterprises are related to the development of specialized processes for the treatment of industrial wastewater, solid wastes, excess sludge stabilization and disposal such as „Wastewater Reuse ; Guideline Development Pilot Artificial Recharging Of Aquifers Through Direct Injection And Irrigation For Seawater Intrusion Control

Within The Framework Of Integrated And Sustainable Water Management” – LIFE99 ENV/GR/000590 and „Application of physicochemical and ecotoxicological analysis for the assessment of water quality at Prespa lakes”.

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