Technical University of Ostrava – VSB TUO

Department of Power Engineering at VSB TUO provides education on a university level in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programmes both in Full – time and Combined form. The department is oriented on the practical application of latest theoretical knowledge in the field of Power Engineering.

Two department workplaces fulfil department objectives “Workplace for Diagnostics, Operation of Heat Power Equipment” and “Expert Group of Power Machines”. Department of Power Engineering belongs to leading department of the research institute established by the Technical university Ostrava – ENET. ENET is actively involved in R&D activities in the area of engineering, fuel processing, management of energy supply and environmental assessment while the focus is driven on efficient and clean usage of traditional and non-traditional energy resource and their effective transformation to usable energy.

Expert teams are currently working on development of compact power units, new technologies of transport, processing, production and accumulation of heat and electricity and also design of a new technological infrastructure. Department of Energy is actively involved in preparation of future graduates of master’s and doctoral degree programs, the involvement in ENET provides unique R&D infrastructure to perform continuous intensive recruitment of young researchers, while the coherence of research activities from research of input materials and technological process to the effective and efficient application is the main added value. In last three years participate in several EU projects, among them:

FP7- PRACE-3IP- Establishment of HPC ecosystem, Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness (OP VK) – national EU programme- Inter Energy- International cooperation in the area of innovation in energy field, CZ/PL Cíl 3- Alternative energy resources- Bilateral cooperation with the Polish Research Institution in the area of monitoring alternative energy resources used by the regional government in Ostrava and Częstochowe.

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