PWW d.o.o Niš – PWW

PWW was founded in 2005 as a daughter company of PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH, which main activity are: the collection and transportation of waste, engineering, consulting and laboratory services in the field of waste management, selection and treatment of waste, restoration and remediation of landfills and dumps. On the territory of Serbia PWW appearances as a strategic partner cities and municipalities in the field of complete waste management, rehabilitation and re-cultivation of the existing sanitary landfills and dumps in the construction and management of new regional sanitary landfills, recycling centers and transfer stations. PWW has the contracts signed with 14 cities and municipalities and services over 600,000 inhabitants in Leskovac, Medvedja, Lebane, Crna Trava, Bojnik, Vladicin Han, Prokuplje, Žitorađa Jagodina, Ćuprija, Smederevska Palanka and Velika Plana. PWW employs over 600 workers. PWW has built two sanitary landfills in Leskovac and Jagodina and one transfer station in Smederevska Palanka. Within sanitary landfills there are material recovery facilities. PWW in Serbia has developed a model of public-private partnerships (PPP), which includes the establishment of a joint company for the collection and transport of waste by PWW companies and local authorities. Within the part of the treatment and disposal of waste, PWW performs financing the construction and then manage facilities treatment and disposal of waste (regional sanitary landfills, material recovery facility, composting facility, etc.) during the contract period of 25 years. Local government provides land with the necessary infrastructure and necessary permits.

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