The Technical University of Crete – TUC

The Technical University of Crete – TUC is an engineering university. It consists of five Schools and numerous Laboratories (Production Engineering and Management School, Mineral Resources Engineering School, Electronic and Computer Engineering School, Environmental Engineering School and Architectural Engineering School). TUC participates to this project through its Management Systems Laboratory, which is a part of the School of Production Engineering and Management. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study have a strong interdisciplinary flavour with strong links to advanced computing methods and tools. In addition, ManLab itself is active in information systems and computing with major emphasis placed to supply chain management, total quality management, big data analysis and entrepreneurship. Within Environmental Engineering School there is Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management Laboratory. TUC collaborates with other, private or public universities and companies in offering specialized short courses to engineers. Currently, student enrolment at TUC encompasses 3.500 undergraduate students, 450 postgraduate students, and about 150 doctoral students. Full time faculty includes 131 professors at all levels (Assistant, Associate and Full), 75 engineering / technical staff and 95 administrative staff. The Research Funds Committee supports project administration. TUC ranks very high in R&D project involvement, with funding coming from the participation in EC, National and private sources. Every year numerous students supported via the ERASMUS framework are studying at TUC while the university has also been active in Tempus projects, specially with universities from Serbia in context of Tempus projects such as SCEMIN, GOMES, SIGMUS, INCOMING, RODOS, etc.

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