The college of applied technical science Arandjelovac – CATAR

The CATAR is an independent higher education institution founded in 1960 by State government of Serbia. The CATAR is public high educational institution, financing from the budget of the Republic of Serbia and the income from tuition fees. The CATAR has applied (vocational) studies of first and second levels at 7 study programs (undergraduate and specialist postgraduate) in the field of information technology, environmental protection, management and technological engineering. All of study programs have been recently accredited by the national accreditation body (2012.) The CATAR employs 30 teachers and assistants, 11 administrative workers. The intake is around 700 students per annum. The CATAR in it scope of activities provide higher education process, the science research, expert and consultation services and publishing. The CATAR goal is constant improvement of the quality of the teaching/education process that requires continuous improvement in staffing levels and working conditions. Also close connections with companies aims to contribute to the professional and scientific activity in all segments of the school.

Site of CATAR

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