WP 2 Prepare modern teaching and training materials for portfolio of new curricula and syllabi on WM.

This work package comprises the activities necessary to prepare for the full implementation of teachers’ training and course/programme development. It will result in newly developed syllabi and curricula at partner HEIs.

This package will also contribute to the creation of new curricula and syllabi at partner HEIs in Serbia, and the creation of new environmental protection laboratories through study visits to PR partners. This activity aims to achieve the exchange of knowledge and expertise on WM education and training among PA and PR partners. At the 1st Consortium meeting in October 2015, a tactical schedule of mobilities in Year1 will be developed and agreed upon. These mobilities will be focused on educating graduates exchanging experiences on WM among staff of PA partners and PG partners, and will facilitate the finalisation of activity 2.5.

The creation of WM network among stakeholders and academic staff will act as a preparation activity for student placements and development of ICT Portal and data base of all relevant information / guidelines / communication channels for all stakeholders in the field of WM. It will result in long-term agreements between a HEIs and stakeholders.

Activities in developing teaching and training materials will be done with the support of PR partners. They will result in 12 textbooks/scripts/authorised lectures.

The purchase, installation and activation of suitable equipment will be the preparation for the establishment of environmental protection laboratories.

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