Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor – FS UM

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor (FS UM) is an educational and research institution, internationally comparable with similar institutions in Europe and world-wide due to its successful integration of both activities. The FS UM was founded in 1995. Within Faculty there are Institute for power, process and environmental engineering and Laboratory for combustion and Environmental Engineering. The results of treih research activities are directly transferred into the educational process and the training of professional and university graduate and postgraduate engineers. The scientific and professional research and development activities in the field of mechanical, textile and industrial engineering involve: basic and applied scientific research, development research, training of new researchers, international projects, professional work, consulting, analyses and knowledge transfer to the industry. The basic research programme of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a part of the national research programme of the Republic of Slovenia, and also includes research and development work for the industry or external institutions. The laboratories, the centres of basic research, are engaged in applied research projects in cooperation with renowned research institutions from other EU countries. Many products in both the Slovenian and European industries incorporate the achievements of researchers and students. Third and fourth year undergraduate students are given the opportunity to join these research groups. Their research work is one of the measurements for assessing the quality of their study. Such project related work is the best way to make the students aware of the interdisciplinary bonds connecting mechanical engineering with microprocessor technology, electronics, ecology, information science, logistics, biotechnology, some branches of medicine, etc.

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