WP 1 Analysis of the existing capacity in the HE in the field of WM

This work package comprises the preliminary activities necessary to develop new curricula. It will result in integrated data on all existing study programmes in the field of WM in the EU, Serbia, and all existing capacities (infrastructure, facilities, laboratories, workforces etc.) in the field of WM in Serbia. The results of these activities will be agreed upon and published in several reports.

WM-knowledge, skills, and competence that graduates, postgraduates, and current employees need will be defined through cooperation with non-HEI partners and matched their needs and experiences. This will result in long-term agreements between HEIs and companies/stakeholders in the field of WM.

This work package also comprises activities related to the discussion and definition of methodological approaches in the creation of curricula, syllabi and training programmes. It will result in a defined methodological approach which will be used to create new curricula.

This work package also includes the definition of a new student placement model. Defining the model of professional practice will be done based on legal regulations and the needs of industrial partners.

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